Grounds crew laying sod

As the stewards for the outdoor properties of the university’s Ann Arbor Campus, Grounds Services provides horticultural and grounds keeping maintenance. Our specialized crews are dedicated professionals who pride themselves in caring for the U-M’s natural areas. This has resulted in consistent recognition of U-M through national awards.

Our Forestry Crew is responsible for the trimming, inspection, fertilizing, water and disease prevention of the trees on campus. We also remove and plant new trees as necessary. All of the information about these trees is stored in our Tree Inventory Database.

The Grounds keeping and Hardscape Crew is responsible for emptying trash cans, street sweeping, chain and post repair, leaf removal, cold patching and storm drain cleaning. The Mowing Crew is responsible for the entire campus. They perform all tasks involved with mowing including string trimming and edging.

The horticulture staff maintain, install, and renovate gardens including annual and perennial flower displays, shrub beds, and landscape plantings. They also assist the University Landscape Architect in the development and design of University landscapes.

The Irrigation crew is responsible for setting up, repairing and maintaining all of the irrigation systems on campus. Grounds Services is improving the irrigation systems in general fund areas of campus by installing an irrigation management system called Maxicom. Through better management Grounds Services anticipates an annual water savings of 38%. In addition to savings, proper water management also leads to better plant and turf health which can reduce chemical usage for disease control.

Need snow removed? Please fill out the Snow Removal Request form below. We will either contact you or take care of the snow removal as soon as possible.

Snow Removal Request Form

For after hours emergencies: Call Facilities Service Center 647-2059. Note: This service is available to U-M Ann Arbor campus departments and housing only.

Custodial and Grounds Services (CGS) has reduced its salt and sand use by 50% since the mid 1990’s. This milestone has been achieved by leveraging technology, using alternative materials and methods as well as additional calibration and operator training.

CGS uses liquid deicing material instead of the traditional granular products when the weather conditions allow. By using liquid deicing material the crews are better able to place the proper amount of salt necessary for the conditions. Alternative granular deicing products continue to be evaluated for effectiveness, non-corrosive properties, ease of application, and cost. CGS personnel will use only those materials deemed least damaging to University facilities and the environment without compromising safety or performance.

Anti-icing practices used by the department improve the level of service and reduce total salt use by applying a small amount of liquid salt to the paved surface before the storm which reduces the chance of snow and ice bonding to the pavement. This allows for better mechanical removal thus reducing deicing chemical needed.

Each winter storm event our crews focus on removing accumulated snow on sidewalks and plazas using equipment with plow and rotary broom attachments. Rotary brooms are the best method to mechanically remove snow and ice from pavement.Once walks and plazas are cleared, the crews focus on moving snow using snow blower attachments, buckets and blades along sidewalk edges and plazas that could potentially melt and refreeze.

The Turf crew is responsible for maintaining 163 acres of turf on campus. Included in this are fertilizing, aeration, disease prevention and treatment and renovation projects.

Facilities and Operations provides landscape design and installation services for the U-M campus. We assist in landscape renovations, repairs and new landscapes. Design and project management services are provided for a fee. There are no fees for consultations to form an Opinion of Probable Cost (OPC).

F&O units including AEC, Grounds Services and the Planners Office work together during the design process to ensure the best plants for the conditions are used. This partnership allows us to present a diverse palette of trees, shrubs, and flowers for the enjoyment of the university community and city of Ann Arbor.

F&O is committed to sustainable landscape design and dedicated to designing and maintaining a safe and attractive campus that will form tomorrow’s campus memories for the students of today.

Visit AEC services website to initiate service:

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